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DJ Orlando, Genuine name: Orlando Valpoort, was born in 1971 in Paramaribo Surinam. At age 2 he moved to Amsterdam. At age 15 he started as a dj in a community centre. From there on he started engaging into dj battles, which resulted in his becoming the youngest dutch dj champion ever, twice in a row. After he became third in the European championships he crossed over to the R&B and Ecclectic scene. A list off all the biggest and most popular urban clubs are on his list now, including the Amsterdam Arena, Heineken Music Hall,Dancevalley, Ahoy and all the Urban Concerts of Mojo Concerts. He is the Resident dj of hollands most popular urban club, The Challenge, has a residence in Club Sinners(Amsterdam), a residence in Club Ministry(Amsterdam), a residence in Club More in Amsterdam.

He played in Spain, Surinam, Portugal, England, Belgium and Germany. Orlando is especially known for his versatility. He combines modern urban music with classics, as well as classy house and clubbangers. Orlando is well known for the fact that he is one of the very few dj's who can do six hour solosets, which makes him very special for promotors who want to offer the same quality of music, but not by a crowd of many dj's. To make a long story short, Whatever the party,he can do it all.Nowadays he's booked on all major Urban parties and has the luxury of choosing which one he will pick and wich one he will not. His understanding of playing the right music for the right public especially comes in convenient because besides being a full time dj, Orlando is also the spider in the web of most of the major Urban Parties in Holland, such as Urban Nation, Nothing But a Party, Something 4 Da Honeys, Summerjam, 911, NYED, Mission Impossible, Ma-x-am, Glamourous and he is the one who initially started Urban x-perience at The Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam. Besides that he is one of the major consultants and advisors of Mojo Concerts,Urbantown,The Challenge, and Hemkade concerning Urban affairs as well as the Host of one the most popular Urban sites, called

His latest project is a production of 11 tracks of wich 2 will become public very soon. 2 Videoclips will be shot in december 2005 and soon become public on the major music networks. Orlando has turned down some lucrative international bookings in 2005, simply because his agenda in Holland was overbooked. He plans however to clear space for the summer of 2006.